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Updated: Feb 6, 2020

North Little Rock - ABTT

August 17, 2019

Hot, hot, hot! Definitely a dog day of summer in Arkansas! We all had to and see how the river flow was going to play out for this last regular season event of the year! We still had plenty of current out on the river and is exactly where the fish were caught! Brady Meredith and Adam Taylor were able to crack the code on the bigger than average bite, (18.01) they reported catching all their weight on jig on the main river! They said they caught a good limit early and ended up with a late cull around 1:30 that put them over the top!

Second place went to Josh Hilton and Paul Combs with a total of (17.06). They also reported a good day on the water they noted catching less fish than on practice day, but the quality actually went up on tournament day! (Which is normally the opposite!) Rounding out the top three was Sawyer Grace and Spencer Grace, with 16.52! These guys are known river rats and fish the river many many days a year! Sawyer said on stage that this was the best day on the river he could remember for sheer numbers of quality fish! They have for sure weighed in bigger bags out of Dardanelle, but as far as just an epic day on the river this was the day! I asked the question over and over what everyone caught them on, and 9 out of 10 said on just about everything we threw!! Rounding out the top 5 was Wayne Dixon and Jared Allen in 4th with (16.42) and 5th place Fred Martin and Tyrone Phillips with (16.00)

We did have a few fish checked in over 5 pounds this weekend, but Wardell Motley and his brother Scott Motley brought us an old river toad that weighed in at 5.30 pounds to take the $1,000 Big Bass prize! They said an old tried and true Black and blue jig did the trick on the Big Bass!

Congrats to all our winners we ended up paying 18 places with money and had 2 extra places with prizes!

Definitely have to thank a lot of people who make this trail continue to thrive!

A big thanks to Basscat Boats, Academy Sports, Crain Automotive Get Outdoors, Fishin Stuff, Geared Outdoors, Mercury Motors, Texas Roadhouse, Battery Outfitters, Farmer's Insurance, Danny Gwinns, H2O Sports, Phenix Rods, Costa, and Bob's Machine Shop.

Also thanks to our Crew, Tami, Rusty, Shea, Jared, Riley, Madi, Kinley, Erica and the Cabot Fishing Team!



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Dec 14, 2019

Great event. So glad I was able to fish it

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