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2020 Lake Ouachita Wrap-Up

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Was it warm enough for you ?

The first think I want to say is how well all of done under extreme parking & space control! There's just not enough space anywhere on Lake Ouachita to have a drive thru registration & weigh in successfully, but be dang y’all pulled it off! I didn’t see but a couple that were as stargazed as I usually am. Ya'll done a great job under adverse conditions, Thank You!

Now the fishing on the the other hand, it was not up to the par that we were hoping for. I had known of a few people that had some pretty god trips.

You're not going to Lake Ouachita though without thinking of Dennis & Brian and Spencer & Ryan and a few others. Honestly, the Top 10 was stacked with some pretty good sticks. Congratulations to you all!!!

As always I can’t thank these guys enough. It couldn’t happen without this group.

I would like to mention a couple of other things. Our live release trailer, with it and #fishlifefishcareproducts, we did not lose a fish that wasn’t lost at the time it was put in the tank. I’m very proud of that. Plus the fact that 3 steps off the stage and they're swimming in cool and conditioned water. It took lots of ice to keep that water temperature down today! I have to give a shout out to Forrest, our camera guy. He helped me a lot today getting the fish into the tank. Between the heat & fatigue, I just barely survived!

Next up, Lake Degray on July 25 at Spillway Ramp.

At this time we are still under Covid 19 Restrictions. Let’s hope that goes away before the next tournament. I want to visit with some of you! Thinking of Lake Degray, don’t forget to do your lodging and dine at #caddovally. There are some great motels and restaurants there!

Caddo Valley has been a great host for ABTT all through the years. Now with the Hot Springs Diamond Lakes Region working with us, it makes everything a pleasure! Most likely it’s gonna be hot on July 25, but I expect some great fishing! The AGFC and UAPB have been doing a lot of grass habitat work on the lake and making great progress.Once these fish move off the banks into their summertime homes in some deeper grass. I expect someone to find the mother load.

If you see any of the AGFC or UAPB guys,tell them you appreciate their efforts.

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