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2020 Lake Hamilton Wrap-Up

Tournament Date: May 9

It seems as if it’s been an eternity since we fished the last tournament on Lake Greeson back on March 7. Just a week or so after that, things started being shut down by Covid-19. The Corps of Engineers pulled all of our permits for April & May. We had to miss Greer’s Ferry (which has been on fire) and also Lake Degray. We will be rescheduling Lake Degray a little later. We are simply replacing Greer’s Ferry for Lake Hamilton.

Speaking of Covid-19, has this not been an ordeal? No matter what you believe or how you feel about it, it has had a direct effect on everything! I wasn’t sure if we would even have another tournament this year but I got on the phone and started calling people ‘in the know’. Also, people that knew people and knew pretty much what was going on. I want to give credit to Arkansas State Representative Carlton Wong and AGFC Enforcement Officer Col. Greg Rae for helping get the authorization to hold the tournament on Lake Hamilton. Thank You!

With the Covid-19 restrictions, it still took some doing to make everything come together. For the 1st time we had a drive thru registration (our staff loved it) and we also had a drive thru weigh in (again our staff loved it). I’ve had numerous guys tell me how they liked it. There were several good points to it. It’s great for the fish. They’re not stressed or handled near as much but the biggest thing I was told was the guys loved getting home quicker. No sitting and waiting on things to be tallied up and checks written.

All in all, I think it went really well. We’re considering adopting a few of the things we done for future use.


Winners and Sponsors

For the most part, it seemed that the fishing was pretty good. Some people reported catching them good and some not so good.

  • Kevin & Don Brown caught them really good. Good enough to win $10, 000 from ABTT & $5, 000 from TAG. All of this with 5 fish weighing 14. 35, Congratulations!

  • Brandon Rhoden & Eric Clark captured 5 for 13. 88, which was good enough for 2nd place.

  • Coming in 3rd with 13. 41 was Kevin Riney & Tobin Baker.

Great job guys! If you want to know how they caught them, there’s a video on our Facebook page and on with all these guys telling you what they did it.

I’d like to take this time to say Thank You to some people,

This could not have happened without all of you, plus a lot more!

Thank You all & we see ya at Lake Ouachita next month (I hope)


Hamilton Results

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Angler of the Year (AOY) - Year to Date

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2020 Latest Standings

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Results Video

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