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Lake Hamilton-May 9

After missing 2 tournaments & talking to a trainload of people,we have made the decision & have gotten approval to have an ABTT tournament on Lake Hamilton 🎣
We will still be following Covid 19 procedures !!! We will be getting more news out in the next few days 🤩🤩🤩
I will let you know when we get the website updated so that you will be able to enter online 👏👏👏
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James Arnold
James Arnold
29 abr 2020

Jason,yes we know it’s Mother’s Day weekend,

3 things

1-the 10th is Mother’s Day

2-the 16th is another large tournament

3-Memorial Day weekend

very few options,we were hoping people had gotten enough togetherness for 1 day,ur still gonna be home for Mothers Day !

we don’t like having tournaments on holidays but time is pretty narrow from now on


I have asked to you you taken care of

Me gusta

Did you know this is mothers day weekend

Me gusta
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