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Daydreaming & Nightmares

My thoughts over the last few days ???

Over the past few weeks we’ve had to learn to live life in a totally different way because of Covid 19.We learned to stay at home,learned not to run to the store at the spur of the moment  & above all else we learned not to take things for granted  ! (At least I did)

Next,on Easter Sunday evening some of us were greeted with a pretty good wind storm,making us live without power for a few days.Thankfully I had a generator to keep me comfortable but it was still an ordeal for most.This fell right in with Covid 19,taking care of ourselves & still trying to help others.

During this time I’ve seen people come together,more than I’ve seen since I was a young man.

Now,today,I’m seeing an enormous amount of people right back where they were,ungrateful,petty,jealous,poor sportsmanship,pathetic,ect.

No matter hat you do,no matter how you do it,no matter that you done the very best you know how,some people just can’t be happy !!!

I spent some time mowing the yard this evening ,anytime I’m by myself my mind just goes it’s own route.Ive decided that these people that you can’t please live a very unhappy life,I can’t imagine getting up every morning,trying to find something to be unhappy about .

In my world it’s the same people that are unhappy ,it’s never the same complaint,it seems as if they have to try to bring the people around them down to their level of unhappy !!!

I realize that there will never be a time when everyone agrees on everything but can’t we look for a little to be happy with each day ???

I get up every morning trying to find something positive that Im going to do that day.

Most days,when I put both feet on the floor,I feel that I’m a very blessed man !!!

I challenge each of you to try to show a little kindness everyday,I pray that this will eventually make you a happier person !!!

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I know your pain all to well, I am happy to be on the green side, still working and GETTING TO FISH Saturday.

Gefällt mir


Gefällt mir

Well said sir! I agree 100%!

Gefällt mir
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