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Be patient & courteous,Please

A few of my thoughts about Lake Hamilton this weekend amidst Covid 19

We have received literally hundreds of phone calls,text & other messages about the weekend !

This is our 1st opportunity to try & work through this ordeal,it’s going to be pretty easy for you,the angler but we have lots of people to answer to.

There’s going to be a lot of people watching us,making sure protective measures are followed.Then there’s you,the angler,I guess the ones of you that are participating want to be there,there’s some that don’t want to be there,they think it’s still dangerous,everyone is entitled to their opinion .

There’s several new teams that are fishing with us this weekend that never have,some that have fished with us in years past.

There will be things happening this weekend that are not what we would call normal.

We have had to make allowances of all kinds to make this happen,try to remember this,PLEASE !!!!!

I guess what I’m trying to say is,be careful ,be safe,be courteous & be patient  !!!!!

I’ve been at this for a long time,never have I had to deal with like I have last week in getting this formalized & this week answering (seems like a million) questions !!!

I’ve asked you to be patient & at the same time my patience is running very thin !!!

Let’s all start the weekend out with a good attitude  & end the weekend with a better attitude,don’t be the one to ruin it for everyone else,PLEASE !!!

Good Luch to each & everyone of you !!!

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