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Lake Degray—Covid 19

I spoke with the Corps of Engineers today,our tournament is scheduled for May 2,they told me they would let me know the week prior to the tournament as to whether we can proceed or not ???

I ask the question,what if I have it anyway ?

I was told that if we held a special event without authorization & got caught that we would be held accountable.That would mean going before a Judge.The COE informed me that under the conditions they would ask for the maximum penalty.That would be up to 5 years probation & up to a $150 fine per participan,depending on the Judge.

With that being said,ABTT will not hold a tournament without authorization !!!

He went on to inform me if people continue to slip around & hold events,it’s a good possibility that the ramps could be closed ???

One reason that no one has been caught is the COE is working on a slim workforce !

Ive begged,pleaded,offered special circumstances & everything to get tournaments started again,authorization has to come from people a lot higher than our local COE personnel.

I guess we will wait until we’re told what we can do,they said that everyone holding a permit would be notified when we were allowed to start again.

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