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Life without certain people in it

ABTT is winding down in our 7th season,we have had a great run !

The #1 Contant thru it all is Amy Jones of Jones and Jones Design !

Amy knew nothing about fishing or tournaments,she listened to me whine & grumble about likes & dislikes,she always made something pleasing out of every thought I ever had,even if she did have to overrule me !

Amy works harder than any lady I know,she works day & night,ungodly hours each week & she still makes time to deal with me on the side !

Not only does she just do the job,she sent me a message just the last few days about some type of update she’s going to do,naturally I don’t understand most of this stuff ! She built this brand new site for 2020,we have figured out some minor changes for next year that will probably be hard on her to build but much easier for us rednecks to operate !

If you ever see Amy,tell her thank you because we most certainly do !!!

I thank you & I love you !

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23 sep. 2020

Awe, that is so sweet. Thank you very much for the kind words. Love you and love ABTT!!!!! - Amy Jones

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