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Lake Hamilton Agenda

Lake Hamilton - May 9 - Fish Hatchery Ramp

Please use Covid 19 Social Distancing

  • Entries are due by May 4 at 8:00 pm

  • Any entries after that will be assessed a $25 late fee



Friday, May 8th at 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Saturday, May 9th at 5:00 am - 6:15 am At the weigh in trailer


Tournament Agenda:

6:00 am - Boats need to be in the water. Do not gather up! Take off will be out over the creek channel. You may stage up back in the creek.

6:15 am - National Anthem, Morning Prayer & Take Off

3:00 pm - 1st Flight check in at the fishing pier


Once your checked in, load your boat, and head up the street to the intersection. From this point (DO NOT BLOCK THE STREET HEADING OUT), turn right onto the edge of the road/grass. Here you will receive a mesh bag. Bag your fish and put them in the livewell until it’s your turn to weigh in. Once your at the stage, get your bag of fish, get on stage, weigh your fish, release your fish into the release tank, and leave immediately!!!

The Top 5 teams may stay close by if you will stay in your truck or boat!!!

We will mail all checks & prizes on Monday

There will be law officers in the area to insure social distancing .

We appreciate your patience & abiding by Social Distancing!!!

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