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Hot Springs Diamond Lakes Region Series : LAKE DEGRAY

In the Diamond Lakes Region, we have a variety of things to do. I’ll try to give you a few. First segment is Degray Lake.

A beautiful lake full of crystal-clear water that is great for scuba diving.

The fishing can be tremendous, depending on when and what species you are perusing. Over the past couple of years, the lake has turned out several monster bass (over 8 pounds) and one that weighed 12.69 lbs. To my knowledge, she was the largest.The bass fishing is by far the best from November-April.

The crappie fishing just seems to be getting better by the day. The best times are November through May but is still pretty good on through the summer if you keep up with them. Bream, Degray is just full of big red ears & blue gills. Summertime is the time to get your kids in the boat and catch them until you run out of bait. Contrary to popular belief, the hybrids are alive and well. Personally, I don’t fish for them but I know the guys that do and they have no problems catching their limits In a few hours. The Walleye, there’s so many people in the area that don’t even know that walleye are in the lake. They are missing out! Until recently, the only ones that I had caught were by accident. That’s not the case anymore. You can catch them most of the year but the easiest time is May through mid-June. They’re not the biggest fighters but their top table fair when you get them home.

During the winter months, Degray is one of the Diamond Lakes that you can cruise around on to see the eagles soaring the skies.

If your not into the fishing seen, there’s lots of room for the jet skis, party barges, ski boats, houseboats, ect. There’s also exceptional camping on all areas of the lake.

The Degray Lake State Park has top-notch lodging and dining at the Lodge, a top rated golf course, and even horseback riding.

Not to be out classed, Degray also offers many miles of walking and bicycle trails that are up & down & all around.

If you have enough of the lake, drive into Caddo Valley for numerous options on dining and lodging.

The Caddo River runs through Caddo Valley and offers some very scenic float trips. From there you can drive into Arkadelphia. Check out the Desoto Bluff that overlooks the Ouachita River. It’s breathtaking!

Arkadelphia is home to two universities, Henderson State and Ouachita Baptist. Both universities are worth looking at. There’s been many $$$$$ spent over the last several years making them second to none In the area. Check out some of the shops and boutiques in the downtown area.

Arkadelphia is also full of dining options. Oh and don’t forget the Sports Complex, baseball, softball, volleyball, and soccer. There’s also the Aquatic Park in town.

I don’t believe that you or your family can come to Lake Degray, Caddo Valley, Arkadelphia, and Clark County without finding some way to enjoy yourself!

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