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Get Signed Up

Sign up & Registration

1-log in / sign up – if you were a member in 2020,use your same email & password

If you are new for 2021,enter your email & a password that you can remember

Each member will have to complete this step

2-Menu-Yearly Membership-one of you can fill out both team memberships if you have all the information,if not each of you can fill them out individually.Membership must be paid prior to registering for the tournament.When paying with a card,you may save your card info to the site so you don’t have to fill it out each time.

3-Menu-Tournament Info-Event Registration-Choose Tournament-Register

Same thing here,you may save your CC info so you don’t have to fill it out each time.

4-You need to be registered by 8;00PM on Monday evening prior to the tournament to avoid a $25 late fee.

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