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Being at the Top

Ladies & Gentlemen,

‘I’ve been around this fishing game for a loooong time,daily I hear people talk about who is the best,why can’t I be that good,they must be rich,look at that boat,ect,ect,ect !

Im going to express my opinion here,you can take that & a dollar & buy you a cup of coffee !

There are 3 components of being at the Top

1 - Time On The Water

2 - Decisions

3 - Luck

There are people out there that are “naturals” I know some of them,they can catch a 5 lber out of the bathtub.For the most part though,the guys that spend time on the water will be far more consistent ! These same guys are the ones that fish deep clear lakes,shallow stump fill lakes,rivers & streams.You will not be at the Top of your game if you limit yourself where you fish.

You need to learn something on every trip,you may not learn what you done right every time but maybe you can learn what you done wrong !

These days with all the technology,there are no secret places,no secret baits & very few of your buddies can keep a secret.

Big boats,little boats,fast boats,slow boats,new boats & old boats,it doesn’t really matter,everyone of them will catch fish ! Yes,those new fancy boats are nice butwe all know this guy that’s still running a boat that Columbus brought over when he discovered America,he is consistently at the Top !

If you like to fish & you do or you would be in a tournament,get you boat out & spend as much tome on the water as possible,be an hour or 2 in the evening,your day off or whatever you can come up with.Keep a rod in your truck,stop & fish off the bank in a creek,pond,river or lake,it’s time on the water !

Any time on the water is more enjoyable than not being there !

Many casts = more fish

Happy Fishing 😎+😂=🤑

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