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A Legend Lost Too Soon

We have such heavy hearts right now; it's hard to put in to words how we are feeling. We, here at ABTT, just wanted to let everyone know that James (Rooster) Arnold passed away Friday, April 21st, from complications due to years of cancer treatments.

I've done so many posts and videos with James that this doesn't seem real! We have been doing this tournament thing with ABTT since 2014, but before that we did the AR Fishers of Men Team Tournament Trail, back in the early 2000s.

There have been countless hours of meetings, preparation, and of course, the many "Brainstorms" he had in order to put all these years of events on. Let me tell you, James Arnold truly loved trying to improve and make each event better than the last!

He worked on the computer, tirelessly emailing, posting Facebook ads, and of course just talkin' fishin'! That was his Happy Place!

The hole he is leaving will never be filled. We will continue to make him proud whenever we have an event, and his chair will always be set up where we know he's still telling us to do it "his" way!

We are glad we have peace knowing he's fishing a lake full of big 'uns today!

Please keep all his family in your prayers; you don't lose a personality like his and not have a huge void.

We love you, buddy, and we miss you already!

-Keith & the entire ABTT crew

Visitation will be Tuesday night from 5-8 pm at Welch funeral home in Arkadelphia. The burial will be a private family ceremony on Wednesday.

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